At Var Tenders you will find a custom-made aluminium boat

of the highest quality

Work process

Var Tenders only delivers custom work with the aim of delivering a boat that is perfectly tailored to your wishes and (sailing) needs. With a finish of the highest level and innovative techniques, a unique custom aluminum boat is built that fully meets your expectations.

Luxury, comfort and good sailing characteristics are combined in a minimalist design and are expressed through technical feats.

Every tender that leaves the Var Tenders yard is of 100% Dutch quality!

We start at the drawing board and design your custom aluminum boat!

At the shipyard in Nijkerk, all your wishes and ideas end up on the drawing board. This can be integrated into one of the basic models or, if desired, into a completely new custom design.

After approving the design, I start ordering materials and parts from a selection of suppliers. Var Tenders only works with the best materials and parts. Step by step I realize the design, keeping you informed of the progress and interim results. Every detail is carefully considered and, if necessary, choices are coordinated with you. After all, we are building your custom aluminum boat and are really doing it together!

What exactly can you expect from this process?

We will discuss all your wishes.

Var Tenders makes an offer. After approval, the first sketches will follow.

After sharing the first sketches, any adjustments will be made. Then the creation can begin, I start making a 3D model.

After approval of the 3D model, the production of your unique tender starts.

Upon completion, you will have the boat you have always wanted!

You will remain closely involved in your tender and you are welcome to come and have a look during construction. After construction, Var Tenders does not lose sight of you and your tender. Var Tenders offers full maintenance, so you are always welcome

Why aluminum?

Aluminium is a light material that guarantees production flexibility. For the production of a polyester yacht, you are bound to a production mold. When building an aluminum boat, customization can be delivered per customer without the high production costs of a mold. You’re happy, Var Tenders happy!

Another advantage of a custom aluminum boat is that the lifespan of an aluminum tender can be up to 50 years or more! In combination with the ease of repair, this results in better value retention. The aluminum type 5083 is very resistant to seawater, so maintenance is limited, so you have more time to enjoy the water!

You’re involved every step of the way

The best part of this whole process: we really do it together, because from the drawing board to the launch, you are involved in the process! So you don’t just outsource it, you are really taken along in the process and see your custom aluminum boat come to life. Isn’t that the best thing there is?

Curious about the possibilities?

Feel free to contact me!