The driving force

Nice to get acquainted! My name is Ivar Loos, the face behind Var Tenders. My passion for technology, water sports and customization are the driving force behind my work. My dream to build my own tender of ‘superyacht quality’ has come true. With my passion for customization, I now want to make that dream come true for you too!

As a child, I spent every free moment on the water. I often went on sailing holidays with my parents and on the weekends we were always at the marina. My father is a fanatic sailor, so I was on a boat from birth. I really grew up with and on the water, with a bicycle seat on the stern my father built me in and I just sailed along.

When I was little, I played a lot with Lego and I built a lot of Lego boats with it. Building boats was part of it from an early age! During my study in Maritime Technology, I built a tour boat for the municipality of Bolsward for the first time. That’s where the spark for building boats ignited. Before that, I only focused on the engineering and maintenance of boats engines, but I soon discovered that I was more of a builder than a maintenance technician.

A passion for customization: “I secretly enjoyed building my first tender even more than sailing itself!”

In 2015 I started building my first demo tender in my spare time, in addition to my job as a project manager engineer in superyacht building where I was mainly involved with yachts of more than 80 meters. After a number of years of building in the evenings and weekends, my own VAR950 tender was finally ready in 2019. To be honest: I secretly enjoyed building my first tender even more than sailing itself!

During this whole process, I realized that this quality in this 9.5-metre format was quite unique and that I really had to offer such a tender on the market. That’s how Var Tenders was born!

Reliability and transparency are crucial to me, in short: a deal is a deal. These values are evident in how I run my business and how I communicate with my customers. I always go to great lengths to solve technical challenges. Where others are quick to say ‘no’, I will start researching. That makes customization truly customized.

My biggest dream is to be recognized worldwide with my tenders. While my character doesn’t want to be in the center of attention at every show, it would be great if my boats sailed all over the world. In the meantime, I’ll just keep building beautiful, custom tenders in Nijkerk, especially for you!

Curious about the posibilities?

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